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Clippasafe Fully Adjustable Leather Harness & Reins - White - Safety - UK

New Clippasafe Fully Adjustable Leather Harness & Reins - White Safety County Sleep Shop - Bed and Nursery Specialists in Shropshire


This Harness has been designed to fit a child from 6 months up to about 4 years of age and is supplied complete with:

Walking Rein - to assist your child when learning to walk and:

Anchor Straps - for use in high chairs, strollers, prams, carrycots, or in any other article which specifies that a harness should be used. 
The anchor straps are attached to these articles by loop-tying through 'D' rings or around bars fitted for that purpose.

Harnesses and reins not only allow young children the freedom and stability when starting to walk, but offer parents the ability to keep hold of their children. They also help to keep young children safe in highchairs, strollers and other articles. 
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